Founder & Chief Instructor

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Grandmaster / Professor Amin Sami Hassan, Ph.D., M.A.


I, Professor Hassan, Ph.D., M.A., began my training in 1962 with basic karate self-defense techniques. Since then, I have practiced many other Martial Arts disciplines such as Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan Karate, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Kung Fu and several variations of Goju-Ryu Karate, to name a few. I also teach the Internal Martial Arts dealing with meditation, relaxation and healing.


In 1990, I first introduced my system called Go Sei Ryu Goju Martial Science System. (Meaning the 5th Generation Way of Hard and Soft) In 1997, I founded Go Sei Ryu Goju Tai Chi Qigong.


Belt Ranks, Degrees and Titles:

         Chinese Goju – 4th Degree

         USA Goju – 5th Degree

         Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw – Black Sash

         Taoist Internal Art – Red Sash

         Goju Tai Jitsu – 8th Degree

         Himitsu – 8th Dan

         Go Sei Ryu Goju – 10th Dan

         Inner Dan Arts Qigong – Instructor Level 1

         Reiki – Level 2 Practitioner

         Go Sei Ryu Goju Tai Chi Qigong – Founder / Soke

         Doctor of Philosophy in Asian Martial Arts


Hall of Fame Inductions:

World Martial Arts, World Karate Union, North American Black Belt, Action Martial Arts (and Spirit Award), Eastern USA International Black Belt, Virginia Black Belt Martial Arts, Florida Hall of Fame Martial Arts Brotherhood, US Martial Arts Association, World Martial Arts League, Hutton Ryu Worldwide Martial Arts, Keepers of The Torch.



1962 – 63 Introduction to Karate Self-Defense – Roland Mintz; 1964 – 66 Tae Kwon Do & Issihyn Ryu – Master Thomas Carney; 1968 – 70 Judo / Ju-Jitsu Combat Self-Defense – US Army; 1971 – 80 USA Goju – Master Sahih Muslim; 1981 – 89 Chinese Goju – Master John Gray, Sam Bell and Bennie Young;   1982 – 94 Goju Tai Jitsu Iron Tiger System – Grandmaster Robert “Jock” Taylor; 1984 Shaolin Kung Fu – Sifu Samad Haqq; 1985 Healing Tao Tae Chi Qigong – Master Mantiak Chia; 1987 – 90 Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw – Sifu Orlando Gonzales-Monte; 1988 – 89 Shotokan – Master Michael Brock; 1988  Chinese Internal Martial Arts – Dr. Yang Jing Ming; 1990  Founded Go Sei Ryu Goju Martial Science System; 1995 – 1996  Taoist Shaolin Kung Fu – Sifu Daniel Hammond; 1997  Inner Dan Arts Qigong System – Master Tainyou Hao; 1997 – Reiki 1 – Masters Rick Hoffman and S. Buck; 1997  Founded Go Sei Ryu Goju Tai Chi Qigong. Reiki 2 - Sifu Karen Schlachter ; 2005. R