Hall of Fame 2007

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The 10th International Martial Arts Black Belt Elite Awards ceremony took place in
Wilmington ~ Deleware ~ U.S.A.

The inductees were:

United States of America Awards

American Song-Do-Kwan Kong-Soo-Do G.M.Instructor of the Year
Grand Master Charles H. Roberson
American Do-Ju-Nim of the Year Dr. John M. Crudup
American Submission Specialist of the Year
Grandmaster Thomas L. Harper

American Award for Outstanding Contribution to Tae-Kwon-Do
Grandmaster John Smith

American Martial Arts Legend of the last century
Soke Johnny Kuhl

American Okinawan Free Style Karate Master of the Year
Dr. Winfred Schneider

American Okinawan Free Style Karate Sensei of the Year
Marcel Schneider

American Humanitarian Black Belt of the Year
Sensei Andreas Schneider

American Humanitarian Award
Dr. Robert South

American Chinese Martial Arts Platinum Spirit Award
Sigung Timothy H. Wolfe

American W.T.F. Tae-Kwon-Do Golden Spirit Award
Dr. William T. Jeffries

American Combat Karate Successor Award
Hanshi Ralph Viggiano

American Community Contribution Award
Grandmaster John Gray

American Karate Diamond Lifetime Spirit Award
Grandmaster David Grosscup Soke

American most outstanding Knife Fighting Specialist of the Year
Soke Pat Hutton

American Outstanding Kung-Fu Grandmaster of the Year
Prof. Edgar Livingston

American Song-Do-Kwan Kong-Soo-Do Master of the Year
Sa-Bum-Nim Jonathan Barrett Crook

American Platinum Kung-Fu Award of Excellence
Sifu John Thompson

American Karate Soke of the Year
Grand Master Grover Lee Milam

American Kajukempo Grandmaster of the Year
Kyoshi Raheem Darden

American Karate Master Instructor of the Year
Sensei Ronald J. Viggins

American Shorin-Ryu Karate Black Belt of the Year
Sensei Monique C. Martin

American Combat System Founder of the Year
Prof. James A. Willey

American Goshin-Ryu Karate Hanshi of the Year
Dr. Juan Otero Jr.

American Supportive Parents Award
Paulette C. & Leroy Martin

American Judo Diamond Spirit Award
Grandmaster Ellerton Ravon Spruiell

American Ju-Jitsu Platinum Spirit Award
Kyoshi Robert S. Gonzalez

American Outstanding Shotokan Karate Grandmaster of the Year
Hanshi Robert Handley

American Outstanding Female Karate Black Belt of the Year
Sensei Kym Rock

American Ju-Jitsu Diamond Spirit Award
Shihan Reginaldo Brown

American Diamond Contribution to Martial Arts Spirit Award
Sensei Sherrieshedier Lil Katan Jones

American Diamond Spirit of the Martial Arts Excellence Award
Master Abukarriem Shabazz

American Award for Outstanding Contribution to the African M.A.
Dr. Germon Miller

American Award for Outstanding Contribution to Tang-Soo-Do
Dr. Joe Parrish

American Tae-Kwon-Do Diamond Award
Dr. Clifford Thomas

American Go Sei Ryu Goju Master Instructor of the Year
Sensei Allen L. Marshall

American Female Qigong Instructor of the Year
Sifu Karen Schlachter

American Award for Outstanding Contribution to Go Sei Ryu Goju
Master Ernest Cornish Jr.

American Goju Black Belt of the Year
Master Willie Bateman

American Mixed Martial Arts Master of the Year
Master Saleem A. Shareef

American Ju-Jitsu Master of the Year
Prof. Sayfullaah Al-Amriykiy

American Spirit Award for dedication to Go Sei Ryu Goju
Sensei Mack Major

American Go Sei Ryu Goju Coach of the Year
Anthony Boyd Sr.

American Martial Arts Diamond “Do” Lifetime Award
Sa-Bum-Nim Nicasio Acevedo, III

American Posthumous Budo Award of Excellence
Master Thomas Carney

American Pioneer of African Martial Science
Prof. Mwanzo Mwalimu Umeme Mpingo

American Platinum Tae-Kwon-Do Spirit Award
Master Kevin Conroy Sr.

American “Okinawan Ryu” Diamond Lifetime Award
Koncho Howard Karyim Moore

American Hung-Gar Kung Fu Bronze Spirit Award
Sifu John Jurewicz

American Tai-Chi-Chuan Diamond Spirit Award
Prof. A. Abdurrahman

American Karate Supreme Lifetime Award
Prof. William L. Brown Sr. Ph.D.M.A.

American Ho-Sin-Sul Male Instructor of the Year
Michael B. Irwin Sr.

American Ho-Sin-Sul Female Instructor of the Year
Brenda I. Irwin

American Modern Arnis Spirit Award
Master Eric King

International Awards

International Si-Jo ~ Founder of the Year
Grandmaster Kenneth P. Lewis

International Law Enforcement Instructor
Grandmaster Steven Jimerfield

International Wing-Chun Grandmaster of the Year
Si-Jo Werner Leuschner

International Judo Supreme Spirit Award
Hanshi Harold Gilbert Robinson

International Supreme Iai-Do Grandmaster Award
Chief Grand Master Rico Guy

International Arnis Diamond Lifetime Spirit Award
Punong Guro Doug Pierre